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As of 2020 we are happy to introduce Tieton Teas.  We started this tea company to promote being healthy and living your best life. What does that look like for you?

We are always looking for ways to simplify our lives & be self-sustainable so we can enjoy the simple things of life.  Living a healthy life with the least amount of stress, having a strong relationship with God and putting each other first is very important for us. 

We are definitely goal setters, enjoy learning new things, and having some adventure.  We have built a tree house on our 20 acre off-grid property, built a tiny house from an old camp trailer, bird dog training, hunting, 30 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, suddenly became parents of 3 teenage girls, rented our house and bought a 5th wheel and traveled for 6 months during covid while homeschooling our youngest. 

Here we are as empty nesters and learning to live our best life in our mid 40’s. We have taken an interest in our health to the max. Let’s just say we want to age as gracefully as possible. What does that look like? Healthy eating, lots of exercise, and keeping things simple. 

Cheers to living your best life!

~ Nikki & Josh Tucker 

Watch some of our adventures here.

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In 2023 I added Health & Wellness Coaching to Tieton Teas

Are you ready to unleash your inner potential and become the best version of yourself? Look no further than Tieton Teas Health & Wellness. Our holistic approach to coaching empowers women to achieve their health and wellness goals and unlock their full potential in life. Through personalized coaching, guidance, and accountability, we help women discover their strengths, overcome obstacles, and transform their lives. Whether you're looking to lose weight, reduce stress, improve your nutrition, or simply become a healthier, happier you, Tieton Teas Health & Wellness has the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Hello! I am a fitness bikini competitor, and continue to find ways to age as gracefully as possible at 45 years old. I went through menopause at age 35 and urge women to take care of their bodies now so they can live their best life. It starts with loving yourself and setting goals. Your health is your greatest wealth and worth investing in. Your future self will thank you for it. 

Do you feel like you don't have time to go to the gym? Do you prefer a private environment to work out? You would love to work out at home but feel like you don't have the equipment for a good workout? Do you want to set goals, but you don't know where to start? I can help you with all of these. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Nikki Tucker


NPC Competition - October, 2022 (43 Years Old)

3rd Place- True Novice A 

NPC Competition - April 2023 (44 Years Old)

4th Place- Open B

4th Place- Masters 40+

OCB Competition- October 2023 (44 Years Old)

1st Place- Novice

2nd Place- Open 

2nd Place- Master 35+

OCB Competition- November 2023 (44 Years Old)

1st Place- 40+

3rd Place- 35+

3rd Place- Open A


Never Say Never Half Marathon

Tieton, Washington 





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